Altitude Multisport Club

Olivia Maurey


As a lifelong athlete, Olivia has taken her experiences from the multiple sports she has participated in and moved them to the next level of understanding through performance exercise physiology and performance nutrition.


  • Masters in Exercise Physiology and Dietetics
  • Certified Level II Cycling Coach
  • Endurance Coach
  • Exercise Physiologist
  • Sports Nutritionist
  • Complete Fitness and Performance Specialist
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Becky Black


M.S., USAT LII, ACSM-EP, IRONMAN Certified Coach

Becky started her athletic career in high school as a swimmer. She went from zero training to qualifying for 5A state championships in the 50 freestyle and the relays in three seasons. In those three short years she learned a lot about hard work, discipline, mental toughness, and resilience.

In college, Becky discovered running for exercise and racing. Her passion for running gave her an amazing new hobby and was a pivotal reason she became a coach. She has since completed 9 marathons, two 50k races and numerous half marathons in the last 8 years. Her most current goals are to qualify for Boston in the Big Cottonwood or St George Marathon in 2017.

Shortly after her introduction to distance running, she was thrown into the world of triathlon when a her high school friend asked her to be the swimmer in a relay. Over the past 7 years she has competed in all 4 distances of triathlon, the 70.3 being her favorite. In long course triathlon, she has completed three different 70.3 races and Ironman Couer d' Alene. She plans on competing in the St. George 70.3 IM as well as CDA again in 2017.

With both a B.S. and M.S. in Exercise Science (with emphasis in sport psychology and exercise physiology), Becky values education in her role as a coach. She is constantly seeking for new opportunities and ways to learn. She has studied and certified in many different areas, including yoga, Pilates, strength and conditioning, sport psychology, and kinesiology (the study of movement).

Becky has been coaching endurance sports athletes since 2010. She has coached and taught in many different capacities including, TEAM TRI coach at Life Time Fitness, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and more. Becky specializes in working with beginner and intermediate triathletes and runners. She is an expert at run and swim form, and loves teaching clinics and workshops.

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Justin Chester


Justin has been competing in triathlons for 10+ years. He has raced all distances from sprint to the full Ironman distance including 4 Ironman, numerous 70.3 events and an Xterra to boot. Having started in the sport without ever running more than 2 miles consecutively or riding more than 10 miles, Justin is a believer that anyone can do a triathlon. His coaching philosophy is firmly based on this belief.

Justin brings a strong background in swimming and cycling to the club and will be leading workouts and clinics throughout the 2013 season.


  • University of Colorado - BS in Physics
  • Webster University - MS in Space Systems Operation
  • USA Triathlon Level 2 Certified Coach
  • ASCA Level 2 Coach

Athletic Achievements

  • 10-years Triathlon Racing Experience
  • 4-time Ironman Finisher (2007, 2008, 2011, 2014)
  • 13-time Half-Iron Finisher
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Charo Egan


Triathlon has been a significant part of my life for 13 years, 8 of which I've been coaching. I use my coaching certification and knowledge, my education, and my experiences as an athlete to best serve my clients. I've coached all levels of athletes, from first time triathletes to experienced Ironman finishers. I believe success is a combination of mind and body, so I keep in close communication with my athletes to monitor how they're feeling, both physically and mentally.

I graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a BA in psychology and obtained an MA in psychology from the University of Colorado. I believe my education provides me with the tools to understand the human psyche and appreciate the uniqueness of each individual athlete. It is important to me to consider life style, goals, expectations, personality, and priorities when working with an athlete.

I also believe my experiences as an athlete are a great contribution to my coaching. I've competed in world championships at the Olympic, 70.3, and Ironman distances, and I've been on the podium at two Ironman 70.3 World Championships. Therefore, I am quite familiar with both endurance racing and shorter, faster racing. Not only do I know what it takes, but I know how it feels.

By combining the elements of coaching knowledge, education, and success as an athlete, I strive to assist my clients in making their triathlon dreams a reality.

USAT Level I Coach


  • University of Notre Dame - BA Psychology
  • University of Colorado - MA Psychology
  • USA Triathlon Level 1 Certified Coach

Athletic Achievements

  • 2008 Tinman Super Sprint - Overall female winner
  • 2008 Ironman World 70.3 Championships: 11th in age group
  • 2009 Sunshine Hill Climb Cat 4 - First place
  • 2009 Bolder Boulder - Age group winner
  • 2009 Ironman World 70.3 Championships: 3rd in age group
  • Half ironman distance - Multiple podium finishes (PR 4:25:30)
  • USAT All American candidate
  • 2011 Phoenix 1/2 Marathon - PR 1:28:56
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Jim Fesler


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Jeannete Sörensen Hickok


Learning to swim, bike and run was a turning-point in Jeannete's life. With no athletic background, Jeannete started competing in triathlons in her 40’s. A late start in life has not stopped her from being successful and competitive.

Jeannete emigrated from Sweden in 2000. She became a triathlon enthusiast when first introduced to the sport upon moving to Colorado.

"Triathlon and living a healthy lifestyle has changed my life. I have been naturally drawn into the coaching world since I love to help and encourage others pursue fitness, whether it’s into the triathlon world, health coaching or personal training."

Jeannete's passion for the sport has led her to become an excellent coach. With 15 years of triathlon experience she's encouraging many people to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle. She has coached both beginners and experienced athletes in finishing their first triathlon to place in their age group.

"I think a coach should be a good communicator and a good listener, and I believe a coach has several responsibilities towards the client: to be committed, to develop trust, to care for the athlete, and to perform in a professional matter. After all, the athlete trusts that the coach will help him/her pursue and achieve his/her goals."


  • Economic Degree , Hvitfeltdska College, Sweden
  • Interior Design Degree, ACC, CO
  • Fitness and Health Education:
  • NASM-Personal Trainer
  • USA Triathlon level 1 Certified Coach
  • USMS Master swim coach level 1+ 2
  • Schwinn Spin Instructor
  • Certified Run coach (Bobby McGee )
  • Fitness instructor
  • NASM Fitness Nutrition
  • Multilinguist: English, Spanish and Swedish

Athletic Achievements:

  • 45+ sprints and Olympic triathlons (age group placed in several races and qualified for Nationals)
  • 10+ 70.3 Triathlons (Age group placed several races)
  • 5x IronMan (140.6) and is training for her 6th IMBoulder.
  • 9+ Marathons, run races, bike events and century bike rides.
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Ryan Turbyfill


Multisport is a true passion of mine and I get great enjoyment out of passing that along to others and helping them achieve their goals through coaching.  As a cancer survivor, I believe setting priorities with this are paramount to a happy, successful life.  I grew up in Denver, CO and still live in the southeast part of Denver.  I'm married and have two kids who also enjoy the sport (one more than the other :)   I grew up swimming and my Dad was into triathlons during my childhood.  I participated in a few then, but mostly swam.  In my 20's I became very involved in running and shortly after, came back into triathlons.  A strong foundation on technique in all 3 disciplines is crucial for not only success, but efficiency and prevention.  After a solid foundation is built, a proper training schedule set in particular "periods" are blocks to get to successful races.  Whether you are interested in losing weight, completing a race at any distance or competing at the highest level, together we can achieve the goals.

Education and Qualifications

  • USAT Level 1 Certification
  • Masters in Business Administration 
  • Coach with Phidippides Track Club
  • 2 Time USABA Tandem Bike Coach

Athletic Accomplishments

  • 7 years of triathlon experience
  • Numerous Ironman and Half iron distance triathlons
  • Numerous age group wins
  • Over 14 marathons with numerous BQ's
  • Many ultras and Grand Canyon R2R2R
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Erin Trail


I'm an engineer, triathlete, and beer nerd.

I'm a life-long swimmer and my first experience in triathlon was as a swimmer in a relay in 2006. I didn't own a bike and joked that I would only run if I was being chased by something. I did my first sprint triathlon (on a borrowed bike) in 2008 and was hooked. Since then I've done many 70.3s, 3 IMs, and am now branching out into the world of Xterra (and has the scars to show for it).

I also work with several organizations to promote women's cycling, with the goal of encouraging beginners to get out and ride and and gain the confidence to race.

When I'm not out swimbikerunning, you'll find me on the ski slopes or drinking beers. In essence, I don't take myself too seriously. But what I DO take seriously is trying to be my best at whatever I do - coaching, training, and racing.

I coach to road tris, swim, bike run, and Xterras. I specialize in making sure that the process is enjoyable and that the training fits in with your already busy and complicated life.

Education and Qualifications

  • Montana Tech of the University of Montana - B.S. Environmental Engineering
  • USAT Level 1 Certification
  • President and Coach of Altitude Multisport (located in South Metro Denver)
  • Contributor to and
  • COMBA Beginner Mountain Bike Ride Coordinator
  • Couer Sports Ambassador

Athletic Accomplishments

  • 8 years of triathlon experience
  • 3 Ironmans and multiple 70.3s
  • Disney Dopey
  • Multiple long distance open water swims, trail runs, and Xterras

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Kathy Zawadzki


USA Cycling Elite / Level 1 Coach, M.A. in Exercise Science. Sports Nutritionist, ACSM Health Fitness Specialist

Kathy's experience as a Sports Performance Specialist and Sports Nutritionist began over twenty years ago and encompasses athletes of all levels including competitive and recreational athletes from juniors to masters athletes. Her expertise in sports science led her to the Olympic Training Center working with USA Cycling and USA Triathlon to develop Olympic athletes. More recently, Kathy has coached Masters National Champions in cycling and has prepared athletes for successful Ironman events and ulta-endurance events such as Leadville, the Triple ByPass, and 50K trail runs.

Sports nutrition is an important component to the success of her athletes. In addition coaching, Kathy works with many athletes to fine tune their nutrition programs. Back in 2004, she co-authored Food for Fitness, Eat Right to Train Right with Chris Carmichael. Kathy's extensive education and involvement with the sports science community and real-world athletes has shaped her philosophy of coaching and motivating athletes at all levels of the sport.

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